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law student in David R Percy Lounge
Law Student sitting in David R Percy Lounge

It was essential for us to tell the stories of the student and faculty that use this space. Storytelling is a fundamental part of human communication that has the power to educate inspire and entertain. Speaking to the people that populate this space helps us understand why this lounge is so important. 

David R. Percy Lounge

The newly renovated David R Percy Lounge honours former dean and long-time professor David R Percy, KC, who has been a beloved member of the Faculty for more than 50 years. This space is used and loved by Faculty, alumni and students.


University of Alberta



David R Percy in the lounge bearing his namesake.

One key component was featuring this newly renovated space as the key subject of this project. Using timelapse footage was just one of the many techniques used to display the spectacular features of the David R Percy Lounge.

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